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berita wajo 4Edi Prekendes (contact [email protected])

Edi is the editor and chief/ owner of He has over seven years experience as a journalist and we love him for his attention to detail. Edi Prekendes is a video editor, and for the media him as a responsible and contributors


inah (11)Nisa (contact [email protected])

Women graduates of private universities did not dampen his guts to give weight to public information. Nisa is a specialist writer lifestyle, technology, and sports. Long been in the world of journalists, this woman is no stranger in the eyes of a local journalist …


berita wajo 5Ardan Muhammad (contact [email protected])

Ardan is a graduate of the University of Some State with a bachelors degree in journalism. Ardan’s focus is kultural news.


misbahMisbah (contact [email protected])

Misbah, began a career in education and religion. remedy desire to share information finally fulfilled. He is a specialist writer religious news and education


cammaHamzah Camma (contact [email protected])

Camma Hamzah is a teacher who loves to write and publish news to others. in, he konibutor well as the author’s special education and social news


SamierShamier Parez (contact [email protected]

Shamier Parez is a former freelance journalist in the print media. Still actively writing news. To Shamier Parez will post information from outside the area Wajo


Lihin Passongkok TanreBeriwa (contact [email protected])

Began a career in education and religion. Love design and art. In this medium, he as a common author and design expert. Berwa only take care of the technical problems of web, design, servers, security, and features